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It & Communication Solutions For Residential Business

The way we shop is changing – today, over 80% of consumers are using mobile devices in-store to enhance the shopping experience. With the right investment in store IT, this can present new opportunities to drive customer loyalty and revenue. SOMCAST can help you to assess options and get your stores ready to support the next generation consumer. Explore our retail solutions, from secure networking and Wi-Fi to support store transformation to voice and cloud services for running day-to-day operations.

Why Trust Somcast?

With growing retail customers in the market, SOMCAST is committed to solving unique industry challenges. SOMCAST provides maintenance and service level agreements aligned to support retail hours and peak seasons, as well as flexible IT, voice, data and security services. All of these services are integrated with our MPLS network, so you can extend secure, reliable connectivity to all your locations.

Retail Solutions

Empower Store Associates







Provide employees secure access to the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and service customers more efficiently, from email to training applications to tablet-based access to inventory.

Connect with Mobile Consumers







Connect with mobile consumers through guest Wi-Fi and social media, roll out in-store mobile applications and mobile point-of-sale to serve those customers better and faster, and gather data for shopping analytic.

Protect Cardholder Data


Keep customer data secure as it passes between stores, data centers, and payment processors with a nationwide private MPLS network. Validate PCI compliance with an easy-to-use web-based portal, and establish financial protection from breach.

Enable a Mutli-Channel Experience

Centralize data and applications in the cloud and upgrade store IT so you can consistently engage and service customers across channels and devices – whether it’s in-store or by phone, mobile, web, or kiosk.

Efficient Store Operations

Lower costs, simplify management, and establish a foundation for the secure digital store with cost-effective data, voice, and cloud services delivered over SOMCAST nationwide private MPLS network

Data ServicesS

Securely connect all of your locations with SOMCAST nationwide MPLS network. Lower costs with services tailored to each location. Connect point-of-sale systems directly to leading payment processors.

Security & PCI Compliance

Lower the time and cost required to achieve, validate, and maintain compliance as more and more devices are introduced into stores, with SOMCAST PCI compliance validation and managed security services.